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Dental Hygiene Appointments in Toronto

Dr. Josie Marciello Dentistry is home to your general dentist near me in Toronto, offering dental hygiene appointments for you and your family. Regular dental hygiene appointments are key to maintaining your oral health. During a routine dental cleaning, your dental hygienist will clean plaque and tartar off your teeth. They may also do a fluoride treatment, take dental X-rays, and do a health assessment of your teeth and gums. It’s recommended that you schedule a dental hygiene appointment at least once per year to protect your teeth and gums.

Why Schedule Regular Dental Hygiene Appointments At Your General Dentist Near Me?

Though brushing and flossing are effective ways to remove plaque buildup, not all plaque is eliminated by brushing and flossing alone. Over time, the plaque on your teeth will harden into tartar (also known as calculus) and bond to your teeth. During a dental hygiene appointment, your dental hygienist, here at your conveniently located dental clinic, will remove the built-up tartar and give your teeth a thorough cleaning.

What to Expect During Your Dental Hygiene Appointment With Your General Dentist Near Me?

When you arrive at your appointment, your expert dental hygienist will examine your teeth and clean off any plaque or tartar buildup. They will then polish your teeth and may offer you a fluoride treatment to reduce the risk of cavities and improve your overall health. Dental hygiene appointments are also an excellent opportunity to have your general dentist near me perform a dental exam.

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