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Your teeth are designed to work together. When one or more tooth is missing from your mouth, it can cause a variety of health and cosmetic issues. Your ability to chew and speak will be affected, and your remaining teeth can shift positions, causing bone loss.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a set of one or more replacement teeth kept in place by two abutment teeth, one on each side of the bridge. These abutment teeth may be your natural teeth (fitted with a crown), or they may be implants. There are several different kinds of dental bridges, so your dentist will be able to select one that suits your individual needs.

Who Needs Dental Bridges?

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the right solution. Gaps in the teeth can cause a variety of health issues, ranging from bone loss to periodontal disease. It will make it more difficult to speak and chew, and it may affect your self-confidence. Your dentist will help you determine whether a dental bridge is the right solution for you.

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