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Oral Exams in Toronto

Our clinic provides complete and thorough oral exams for both new and returning patients. Oral exams help your dentist assess the health of your teeth, diagnose any issues, and create a comprehensive treatment plan. We recommend getting an oral exam at least once a year to maintain oral health and ensure no issues arise.

Comprehensive Exams for New Patients

If it’s your first time in our clinic, your oral exam will include a few additional steps. We focus on providing complete, individualized care for all of our patients, which is why we’ll need a few more details when performing your initial oral exam. During your initial exam, your dentist will talk to you about previous dental work, overall health concerns, and the condition of each tooth.

The Oral Exam Procedure

Oral exams are often performed alongside your routine teeth cleaning. During the exam, your dentist will check your mouth for signs of health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. They’ll also address any chief concerns you may have, check your bite, and review brushing and flossing habits. Regular oral exams are a quick and easy way to maintain your oral health!

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